Beer and Food Pairing Trends

canadian pizza magazine

Beer You Can Eat (BYCE) was featured in Hospitality and Food Service digital September issue special report: Pizza and Patios.  

Our dough products are made with beer, not the spent grains.  Look for us in an upcoming issue of Canadian Pizza Magazine.

Light and tender, Beer You Can Eat beer-infused pizza dough has wonderful complimentary beer flavour notes to enhance the beer and food pairing experience.

In December of 2017, at in the article: “Five emerging beer trends: From beer tourism to experimental food pairings” author Rachel Arthur reported that Factory Foresight, a London based consumer analytics firm searched 98 million social media posts over the period of one year and found that food and beer pairings were the second most discussed topic after traveling to new destinations to find new beer experiences.  In its conclusion Food Factory advised:

… beer brands to explore foods that pair well with their beers and communicate these to consumers or consider developing partnerships with food brands.    

Beer You Can Eat offers a beer lover an enhanced beer and food experience.  By making the dough with real beer, the flavour of dough compliments beer. When the finished dough, either as, pizza, focaccia, or dough balls for dipping, blends with a refreshing beer, the dough brings all the flavours together.  Unlike a plain white dough that dilutes flavour, Beer You Can Eat dough brings flavour in every mouthful.

Available in bars and restaurants, Beer You Can Eat is coming to a location near you.  If you don’t see it on a menu, ask for it by name: Beer You Can Eat.

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