Vegan Pizza & Beer Lovers Rejoice

vegan pizza and beer pairings

Beer You Can Eat Beer Pizza Dough is Vegan - Vegan Pizza & Beer Lovers Rejoice! 

Light and tender, Beer You Can Eat beer infused pizza dough has wonderful complementary beer flavour notes to enhance the beer and food pairing experience.

There is a variety of tastes and preferences in today’s dining experiences.  Vegan is one of them and there are others. They’re not always mutually exclusive.  Beer You Can Eat pizza dough is made with real beer and with techiques from French and Italian bread making that create a unique dough that can satisfy a variety of food preferences.  Because of its versatility, it can be garnished with exclusively vegan products and bring such flavour to the beer and food paring experience. What’s great about the dough is that it can work as a pizza, a focaccia, a calzone and as dough balls for your favourite dip.  

Made with due care and attention to detail, you’ll appreciate its depth of flavour when the dough, the beer and all the garnish strike the palate.  Depth of flavour come to the fore. Unlike a plain dough which dilutes flavour, Beer You Can Eat pizza dough provides a foundation of flavour. As a result, those with a vegan preference need not be without a great beer and food paring experience.  What is great about the dough is that it works exceptionally well in all flavour combinations regardless of preference.

Look for BYCE on your local menu and if you cannot find it, ask for it.  You won’t be disappointed!

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