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It all started as a passionate hobby …

What started as a passionate hobby has evolved into a fantastic product! Baking and cooking since the age of 7 Dan O’Connor, has spent the last 15 years perfecting his bread dough. He incorporates bread techniques from both French and Italians, to allow for pizza oven quality that can be baked in a regular home oven. His passion for food has brought the world a new kind of frozen pizza dough that has resulted in both fantastic pizza and an enhanced beer experience.

beer you can eat, founder, Dan O'Connor

Dan’s diverse background is an inspiring story of overcoming learning disabilities when his school teachers said he couldn’t learn outside of special education. He now holds a chef training diploma from George Brown College, and a law degree from Queens University. He practiced law in Toronto.  His interests took him to Hong Kong to study Cantonese. Upon his return from Hong Kong he created his own television cooking show which taught western cooking to people while using a Chinese language.

Fifteen years ago, inspired by “Rauchbier”, a German beer where they smoke the hops and then make the beer, Dan tried adding beer to his own dough recipe for pizza and the result was fantastic. And the rest is history!

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